The Linux Box retains technical expertise necessary to blend, integrate, customize, and support open-source software products to meet specific business requirements.  Our portfolio includes work in several disciplines:

Storage systems development

  • OpenAFS

  • pNFS

Content Management systems

LinuxBox has an eclectic portfolio of Content Management Systems we  have implemented for customers, some in partnership with graphic design firms, to suit clients' marketing and financial needs. 

To view a short sample of our work in the Drupal & Zope / Plone space visit our CMS Portfolio.

Linux Box also contributed code back to the Drupal Community  Visit our Giving Back to Drupal site for details. 

Email archiving and Discovery

The Linux Box developed and is marketing this software.  It is available for demo and download on the link below and also available for download at http://sourceforge.net/projects/enkive/


System and Network Monitoring

The Linux Box is a value add partner supporting opsview.  Contact ius for alist of references  

The Linux Box provides installation, configuration and support services for Nagios; co ntact us for a list of references  


Other Services

  • Zimbra / postfix + Spam Assassin + ClamAV + Mailman

  • OpenLDAP + Active Directory

  • Directory Services, single sign on, authentication and authorization integration with web applications

  • MySQL, PostgreSQL,  MongoDB, and others

  • Moodle