Popular Bundles

The Linux Box offers bundled, open source solutions.
Check out the top 8 popular packages:

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A full featured alternative to MS Exchange
Sendmail, Squirrel (web-based frontend), Pine (command line-based), WebCalendar (web-based scheduling), and customized PHP BB for bulletin boards. We will implement add-ons for tasks such as automatically affixing disclaimers to e-mail, filter spam while maintaining privacy and catching virus-laden messages. DHCP & DNS services can be included.

Authentication and Directory Services

Secure Single Signon
OpenLDAP with Kerberos 5, PAM, KPI

File and Print Services

Remote, manageable access to your files
OpenAFS, or NFS 3 & 4 or Samba, or Netatalk, & provide options for clients using Windows, Macintosh, and Unix/Linux

Firewall/Security Hardening/Access Control

To safeguard your environment from intrusion
Bastille Linux, LIDS, and a custom graphical firewall administration tool developed by The Linux Box; also, remediation from compromised (hacked and cracked) firewalls and IPSec VPNs


PBX using Asterisk
Configuring Asterisk and integrating it with Databases such as PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle. Using the open source version of asterisk and scripting languages such as PHP, Perl and others


System Management tools for production operation
High-availability/failover solutions for mission-critical applications/servers.

Proxy Services

To conserve your bandwidth and enforce proper use policies
Squid-cache, Squid Guard, Dan's Guardian and custom, web based administrator interface and management reports via Tentacle (a Linux Box Open Source product) We also offer Novell NDS integration & authentication

Database Installation, Administration, Tuning

Robust infrastructure for your applications
support for the following databases:
  • Oracle
  • PostgreSQL
  • SAP DB
  • MySQL
  • DB2

Terminal Servers

Solutions for thin-client computing and network applications
LTSP and configure CD-Bootable Systems, render custom applications, such as firewalls, unhackable systems.