The Linux Box specializes in proactive, flexible, and creative system-management contracts based on secure remote monitoring and quality-of-service guarantees. We provide support for a large number of open source software solutions and most Linux distributions.

Retainer Support

Retainer support works like a debit / gift card. You may  purchase a certain number of hours at previling rates which can be consumed in increments of fifteen minutes. 


  • Time can be consumed in increments of 15 minutes
  • email reporting of helpdesk issues
  • While not guaranteed, responsive service
  • The retainer may span up to two  years


Contact the Linux Box to get a quotation for retainer support to meet your needs.Once you approve the quotation, The Linux Box will

  • generate a standing Work Order and set you up on our project management system to which we'll give you access.
  • Our consultants will report their activities and time against the work order in the project management system which will be visible to you.
  • Being on our projet management system will also enable you to open helpdesk tickets by sending email to the and get confirmations and ticket numbers. 
  • We'll alert you when the retainer is approaching depletion so that you may replenish it. 
  • Invoices will be sent on a weekly basis, if there is activity, else monthly statements will be sent, reporting remaining balance.

Incident Support

This is a pay as you go approach. Charged at a minimum one hour increment 


  • For the customer who needs occasional support but it is unpredictable and seldom urgent. The pay as you go approach will work.
  • Opportunities to provide feedback on the quality of services upon resolution of the incident


Contact the Linux Box to get an estimate and a quotation for needed service.  Once you approve the quotation, The Linux Box will

  • Generate a  Work Order 
  • We'll schedule the task to the next available consultant; response time will depend on availability during regular business hours (9 am - 5 pm). Evening and weekend support will be charged at 1.5 times the prevailing rate, and holiday and after-midnight support will be charged at twice the prevailing rate.
  • On premises support can be arranged for short durations.
  • Hardware and travel expenses (if any) are charged at cost.
  • Once the incident is resolved, invoice will be sent - paybale upon receipt, New clients will need to provide a credit card. 

Service Level Agreements

The Linux Box offers three types of SLA's and can negotiate a custom one if needed.  The SLA is an "insurance policy" guarantying a responsiveness to customer emergency needs


  • Prompt and timely access to the Linux Box consultants in cases of an emergency in conformance with the  chosen SLA
  • Includes a number of hours per year to be used on incidents and maintenance
  • Time may be consumed in increments of 15 minutes
  • Discount on regular support hours for projects
  • Opportunities to provide feedback on the quality of services at least once a year


  • The SLA need to be purchased for an period of one year.  
  • The SLA's are quoted individually, based on the complexity of the supported environment (servers/applications combination) 
  • The support is typically performed remotely, off premises.
  • In the event that travel and hardware are required, they will be invoiced at cost
  • As a matter of policy, the client must agree that email reports, which provide no verification that a message was received, do not constitute declaration of an emergency 

Types of SLA's

  1. 24 x 7 with guaranteed  4 hours response time
  2.   8 x 5 with guaranteed 4 hours response time
  3.   8 x 5 with Guaranteed next business day response time. 


Partnerships Support

January 2010 The Linux Box partnered with  Opsview to support both the Community and the Enterprise editions of the award winning network monitoring software.  Contact us to find out what's included in the services and get a quote for either edition.


Enkive - Subscription & Support for The Linux box Email Archiving Software  

In November 2010, The Linux Box released it's own email archiving software - Enkive, for which The Box also provides services.  To  download the software and get installation instructions for it go to enkive download page.

Call 734-761-4689 or email for a quotation for any of these services:

  • Professional services to install, configure, integrate, extend and customize Enkive are available. 
  • Basic annual Enkive subscription includes at minimum, response to unlimited emails and support for up to 6 incidents per year. The fee depends on the number of mail boxes in the organization and SLA needs.
  • Monitoring of capacity utilization is available as an annual service.  We'll monitor utilzation and performance and alert clients to needs in terms of capacity
  • Custom training is available upon request, as is consulting, whereby we'll assist in setting up optimal email policies for email retention and retrieval.
  • Consulting on custom retention and discovery policies as needed

Call us toll free at (877) 548-8929 or (734) 761-4689 to find out the many ways we can be of service to your organization. 

The Linux Box provides support and development services for a long list open source software. Support Contract Comparison