Apache Administration

About This Course

This one (1) day, hands on class is designed to teach system administrators how to install, configure, monitor and tune an Apache web server.

Who Should Attend

System Administrators who need to manage an Apache web server(s) in any Unix environment

Learning Objectives

  1. Install, configure an Apache web server
  2. Monitor performance of applications
  3. Tuning Topics


    • Beginning Linux System Administration or
    • Equivalent experience in a Unix / Linux environment

Course Duration

One (1) day, 9 am - 5 pm

Course Dates

This course is offered based on demand. Check the calendar for updates. Call (734) 761-4689 to schedule a class. Course will be held with a minimum of four (4) students. For the optimal class experience, class size should not exceed eight (8) students.

Course Price

$750.00 per person (10% discount for non-profit organizations and governmental or educational institutions)

Course Instructor

  • Matt Benjamin

Sample Course Outline

A. Core Apache — covers Apache 2.0
    1. Installation and configuration
    2. General setup and options
    3. SSL
    4. Virtual hosting (multiple sites)
    5. Authentication with ModAuth framework
    6. Rewrite rules
    7. Log management

B. Elective Areas of Coverage
    1. Integration with servlet containers (e.g.: Tomcat, Websphere, etc.)
        • Apache portable runtime
        • Warp connector setup
    2. Scaling and local clustering
        • Sharing documents and data
        • Layer 4 switching with Linux Virtual Server (LVS)
        • Benchmarking and verification
    3. Dynamic pages
        • General concepts (pages, includes, page generation)
        • Basic syntax
        • Common idioms (accessing SQL data, dynamic forms, etc.)
        • Authentication and session management

Note that the above topics are offered in two formats:
    1. Java servlet/Tomcat: a streamlined presentation of Tomcat class material, or
    2. PHP HTML pre-processor