Mailman Enhancements



Our update to mailman provides these new features:

  • Template and CSS control of the mailing list archives, and of the CGI pages, making it easy to control the look of your mailman pages.
  • In showing list archives by date, you can decide whether to show them in ascending or descending order.
  • A new mailing list archive has been created, that shows the traffic for the last 30 days.  This is in addition to the by-month archives that get created.  In order to keep the last-30-days archive up to date, you should create a cron entry that runs bin/arch --last30 listname, for each list.
  • If you've defined a footer to be added to each email, and a user sends an html email, the footer will get appended to the body of the html, rather than added as a separate text attachment.
Download it here:  mailman-2.1.12-linuxbox1.tar.gz