OSA Alert Expert Interview with Elizabeth Ziph

The Open Solutions Alliance interviewed Elizabeth Ziph for their September OSA Alert:
OSA Alert: As open source continues to mature, have you seen any change in the way CIOs and CEOs view open source business applications?

Elizabeth Ziph: Some CIOs have been open to it all along and deployed open source wherever it was possible and reasonable to do so. The change is the increase in the number of CIOs and CEOs that are considering open source software as yet another excellent option that they have along with all other options. The support infrastructure and the continuous improvement reduce the risk of using open source.

OSA Alert: Has the current economic crisis had a significant impact on the adoption of open source?

Elizabeth Ziph: CIOs evaluate their budgets yearly and determine how much value they can deliver with the budget they have. In this economy, IT budgets were cut, yet the expected deliverable value has not only not been reduced -- it has been increased, so it became necessary to consider open source because it allows the IT budget to stretch a lot further.

The economy is pushing CIOs to at least look at value to be derived from open source. I think that the maturity and sophistication of the software and the availability of support for it, made the economic crisis an excuse to revisit the topic.
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