Art or Engineering?

Some call it Software Engineering, others call it Art; We follow practices that are ecologically sound and are commonsensical. There is no need for a complex process when a simple and quick approach will do. Vice versa, one should not specify requirements for a complex system on a back of a bar napkin.

Linux Box subscribes to IEEE specification standards.
Development Model High-quality software code is:
    • Clean
    • Elegant
    • Clever
    • Modern
    • Designed for extension
This means it needs to be developed using basic conventions that leave the code:
    • Readable
    • Maintainable
    • Easy for anyone to troubleshoot
    • Simple to extend, integrate and interoperate with other software
    • Reusable and sustainable regardless of new trends
    • Performant
    • Scalable
Organically grown software meets these requirements. Being open sourced, exposes the code to the harsh light of scrutiny, forcing compliance with rigorous exposure to customer and peer review.