Enkive, email archiver -- Enkive CE (Community Edition) is available for download. Visit the official Enkive website.

Firewall Builder RCS diffs -- We have extended the RCS integration in Firewall Builder (at 3.0.7 and 4.0.0beta), making it more flexible and in particular, providing the ability to promote older revisions, or their descendants, to higher branches, such as head.

Mailman Enhancements -- We expanded the popular mailing list archiving software, adding such features as template/css control, "last 30 days" archiving and forward/reverse sorting by date.

ZcxOracleDA A Database Adaptor to connect Zope websites with Oracle databases.

mod_auth_timeoutAn Apache 2.2 module that provides for idle timeouts whenauthenticating users using a basic-auth scheme, such as mod_auth_basicor mod_auth_ldap.

Sing-Tsung A (web-based) graphical front-end to the tsung web-traffic generation tool, for load testing, etc.

dotProject A project management system with a help desk module.
A link contains our contributions to dotProject and HelpDesk

Drupal A content management system (CMS)
A link to all our contributions to Drupal

Postmark_151w Windows XP/VS2005 updates for Postmark portable file system benchmark, by Network Appliance.

PL/SQL XML-RPC Implementation
A client implementation of the XMLRPC HTTP remote-procedure call mechanism in Oracle PL/SQL (uses XMLDB).

IMP - Purge Folders IMP Patch Imp is Horde's webmail solution
An IMP modification that allows admins to force deletion of old mail.

Moodle Packages A learning management system (LMS)
Multiple software packages for the Moodle e-learning system.

OpenAFS Development Code Enhancements developed for OpenAFS and OpenAFS for Windows.

EiC C Interpreter A bundle of the EiC C Interpreter, by Edmond J. Breen, with fixes

Linux Box IRM Technology Asset Tracking with an Incident Reporting system
Our fork of the popular web-based asset tracking system IRM

System Inventory
System Inventory Script with XML output

Shared-library wrapper for Perl-compatible regular expression library

DBExpress Stub Driver
C++ interface for SQL/RDBMS access

Mail-fowarding (w/local copy) and vacation auto-responder plugin for Sendmail

A Time Tracking System, written and contributed by the Linux Box.Integrates with dotProject project management and SQL-Ledger Accountingsystem

Real-time Squid/N2H2/Squidguard log parsing tools implemented in Common Lisp with output to a MySQL database

Python DVD Backup
Simple DVD backup tools implemented in Python with a PyQT user interface

A modified version of Jeremy Beker's rbl-milter that sends multi-line RBL notices

Windows source and binary patch code for Adobe Acrobat 7.0, removing enable-Javascript popup dialog

SAV Update script
Sophos Anti Virus engine and IDE update script

squidGuard Patches
A number of patches to the squidGuard redirector

A Squid log-analysis web application (one of those using a SQL database).

Usefully enhanced version of Alberto Accomazzi's TIFF to HP PCL3 converter

An AMaViS virus email quarantine analysis and display package.

Telephony services for freely licensed operating systems