Mail-Forwarding/Vacation Auto-Responder Milter

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The fv_milter sendmail milter is a configurable sendmail plugin that implements mail-forwarding and vacation auto-responder features, based on information stored in an LDAP directory. It's distinctive features include:
  • LDAP schema for storage of mail-forwarding and vacation information
  • Option to keep local copy of forwarded messages
  • OpenLDAP schema extension file provided


Fv_milter 1.1.b release on 05/09/2005. This is a cosmetic update that builds without editing on Fedora FC3.

Fv_milter 1.1 was released on 05/01/2005. This release includes increased stability and improved delivery correctness for special cases. A daemon fv_milter_queued is introduced to decouple delivery of vacation messages from the milter. All production users should consider upgrading.


This milter was written to provide end-user managed mail-forwarding and vacation auto-responder functions that integrate well with Sendmail LDAP routing.

Fv_milter's mail forwarding differs from Sendmail-internal LDAP routing features in a number of ways, including local-copy and multiple-recipient features. It can be (and is) used in combination with Sendmail LDAP routing by mailHost.

Fv_milter's vacation auto-responder resembles any conventional vacation auto-responder, but can run on arbitrary Sendmail hosts, such as mail gateways.

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Adam Gorski
Mike Gatny (Bugfixes)
Matt Benjamin (Enhancements for fv_milter 1.1, Bugfixes)


Copyright (C) 2004, 2005 The Linux Box Corp.


fv_milter is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL).