Linux Box Information Resource Manager

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This is Linuxbox-IRM, a fork of IRM-1.3.4, the web-based asset tracking system originally developed by Yann Ramin and Keith Schoenefeld. Visit the original IRM home page for more information.

This fork aims to improve the original code base while adding features that our users require.

Linuxbox-IRM is released under the term of the Gnu General Public License (GPL).


Linuxbox-IRM contains these extended features:
  • Sort-by-column in Tracking, Search, and most Reports
  • A more consistent, intuitive interface.
  • Support for services like email, web, etc.
  • Reports by Completed Job, with statistics and aging information.
  • Custom reports over a period by building, computer, network device, service, or technician, with statistics and optional HTML or CSV (spreadsheet) output.
  • Field-selection reports over all Computers and reports by IP address, with optional HTML or CSV (spreadsheet) output.
  • Tracking history displayed on the same page as the computer, network device, or service you are querying, with filtering by Job Status.
  • More fields for Computers, such as Scanner, Wake-On-LAN, Network Printers, and Local Printers.
  • Email forms pop up automatically when an IRM user's address is clicked, so you don't have to open your mailer to send job status updates.
  • New "canceled" and "duplicate" ticket types as well as a feature to flag a ticket as "abuse"
  • New feature to archive old computers. All information about archived computers are saved in the database, but they do not show up in computer searches and reports unless specifically requested.
  • And many more...

Plus all the features of the original IRM-1.3.4:
  • Detailed storing of computer data, by RAM Types, operating systems, hard drive space, the amount of RAM, etc.
  • The ability to search through computers, software, and jobs with powerful tools.
  • Software tracking, with location, platform, serial numbers, comments, and version fields.
  • Powerful tracking/trouble ticket system, with priorities, TODO jobs, followups to jobs, and a repair history tracking. Very useful for web submissions of work requests.
  • Software association with computers, license number tracking.
  • Tested with thousands of rows of data
  • E-mail notification in tracking, tight security, Reports (statistics features), group associated tracking, and more!
  • SNMP support as well as some 'Big Brother-ish' features in development.
  • Network system with ports on computers/hubs/switched/routers, interface address, connection of interfaces.



Release Date: August 31, 2007

Release Date: September 28, 2006

Release Date: December 1, 2004
MD5 Checksum: 533c1ea730493a5793ec337c3b1f943f

Release Date: October 24, 2004
MD5 Checksum: a5a9d2288a4dc76a2575c6797a63cc6a