Method to the Madness

The key to our success is flexibility. We collaborate with corporate IT staff to maximize uptime and minimize hardware failure and security risks.

The Linux Box support model


    • Customer will notify the Linux Box of a situation and symptoms. If it is urgent, notification must be by phone. (Customers with a 24/7 emergency support contract will be provided with Mobile phone numbers to contact)
    • A project ticket will be recorded in the Linux Box Project tracking system

Preliminary Review & Analysis

Linux Box consultant will:
    • Review possible causes for the symptoms with the customer
    • Discuss options for resolution
    • Discuss timing for resolution
    • Discuss time estimate for resolution

Terms for Resolution

    • A sales quote will be emailed or faxed for customer's approval (for first time customers, prepayment may be required) prior to start of work.
    • Customers with a support contract may bypass the above step.


    • Agreed upon steps are executed.
    • Resolution is tested and validated with the customer
    • System is monitored by Customer & Linux Box for a short period of time
    • Incident is documented on the Linux Box System and documentation is provided to the customer
    • Invoice with the detailed work effort is submitted to the customer.
    • Customer is notified of results.
    • Process and all tasks are documented in the Linux Box project tracking system

Follow up

    • Periodic follow up takes place to assure that the problem has not resurfaced.
    • Customer may register for an account that will permit ongoing review of current and past projects and their status