Moodle Packages

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The Linuxbox is proud to announce multiple moodle addons and extensions to enhance your Moodle E-Learning experience.

We currently have four products that are available to download and use free of charge.

Moodle XMLRPC module
This module allows other programs to call functions within Moodle to perform some common tasks such as creating and deleting users and entering quiz answers and retrieving quiz scores.

BB2Moodle is a tool for importing Blackboard course exports into Moodle. Included in Moodle 1.5, it will transparently convert Bb 5.5 course resources including: text, HTML, documents and more. Bb 6 is supported to a lesser extent.

Content Exporter
Our Moodle Content Exporter allows for easy conversion to PDF, as well as other formats. With this tool, you will be able to export Moodle content as PDFs, PlainText, or HTML.

Mail Composition
The Moodle Mail Composition block makes it easy to mail multiple people in one class. With this extension, you can choose recipients, type a message, and send that message through Moodle to all of the chosen recipients.

Moodle Gradebook Enhancement
Moodle's Gradebook provides many useful features, however, it was missing an easy-access edit ability. With this extension, you will be able to edit grades for assignments easily from within the gradebook.