Open Source Projects

extreme penguins The Linux Box participates in several open source projects, through contribution of patches, enhancements or actually giving software that we have written for our own use, to the community.
For a list of supported software development, programming & scripting languages, click on the picture or on the extreme penguins.
The Linux Box develops, and helps develop, Linux software applications through two innovative programs:

A. In house staff
    • Our team members contributes patches to projects that support the software that we use, e.g. Apache, Bayonne, IRM, Squid-Cache, OpenAFS
    • Our team members are the developers of components of open source projects, e.g., dotProject Help Desk module, and moodle
    • Our team members contribute new projects to the Open Source community and support it, e.g., Jobby, Spamphlet, Tentacle.

B. Volunteer Guidance
    • We offer a mentoring internship program for volunteers who wish to help out with open source projects to gain practical experience. To chat with us about these opportunities, email the Human Resource Department