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Last release January 2nd 2007

OpenAFS with Rxk5

Rxk5 implements native Kerberos5 security mechanisms for programs that use the Rx RPC protocol, ie., OpenAFS. Rxk5 was designed and developed by Marcus Watts, of the University of Michigan. The integration of Rxk5 with OpenAFS was initially by Matt Benjamin, and continued by both Matt and Marcus.

Rxk5 OpenAFS Source Releases

Current integration patches of Rxk5 for OpenAFS are published by Marcus Watts, and available in AFS here:


The following is a recent patched source tree based on OpenAFS 1.5.14 and Marcus' integration patch afs-rxk5-r1514-m37.

Rxk5 OpenAFS for Windows

A testing-only binary installer for Windows 2000+ 32-bit platforms is available. The current bundle depends on unofficial modifications to MIT Kerberos 5 for Windows, and so is not for general use. A more flexible test installer for Windows should be released in late March.

Current Rxk5+OpenAFS for Windows experimental build


The OpenAFS page


That of OpenAFS.


Variously copyright (C) 2006, 2007 University of Michigan and The Linux Box Corporation


Marcus Watts, Matt Benjamin