Software by Design

Making a Difference

The Linux Box has extensive professional experience in team-based software development on Linux, traditional UNIX, Win32, BSD and mainframe platforms using several programming languages. We cooperate with the customer's team and take on all or parts of a software development project where our expertise adds value. We follow proven development methodology and life cycles, adjusting the practice to suit situations as appropriate.


We will find open source software with the closest fit to customer's requirements & customize it to match requirements. Customer can choose whether to permit giving the code back to the community for continuing development and freedom of support.

Code from Scratch

We have some customers who want solutions tailored to fit their specific needs. Such requirements include functional specifications as well as technical architectural design standards. These customers like to use open source tools for the flexibility and cost containment that they offer. In some cases, the customers do not mind releasing the code back to the community. Release the code to the community offers them increased options for support and feature enhancement. In some cases, the solution offers the customers a competitive advantage, in which case they will require the code to remain closed, even though it is made with open source tools.
  • We are always willing to sign our bilateral Non Disclosure Agreements (NDA) to protect clients intellectual property.
  • The ultimate decision — whether to give the code back to the community and when to do it, is always in our customers hands.
  • The list of open source development tools we use to manage and code the solutions code is ever expanding, as we continually research, analyze and test new programming languages, tools, methods and emerging standards.


We will write code and scripts to migrate customer's system functionality and data from a current system to an open source solution to match requirements and expand customer's opportunity for competitive advantage. The Linux Box Software Porting Practice specializes in migration of traditional software applications to the Linux platform. The Linux Box is not specialized in, nor limited to, specific implementation languages or toolkits.