Purge Folders

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  • Release 0.0 - Initial release - August 4, 2006


The Purge Folders addition to IMP allows administrators to set timeouts for how often to clear old mail. Administrators can choose whether users are allowed to set their own timers on how old of mail should be deleted (Ex: Mail older than 4 days will be cleared), and put maximums on the times users can set.

On login, users will have a maintenance task run (confirmation of the task can be turned on/off by the admin), which will clear any mail older than the specified days.


  • Clears mail older than the amount of days stored in the user settings
  • Confirmation of the Maintenance task can be turned on/off by an admin
  • Users can set the maximum number of days to keep mail (can be turned on/off by admin)
  • Admins can set a maximum number of days to keep mail (that the users cannot exceed)


  • Dan Sherman
  • Brook Davis


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