Virtual Parachute - Remote Support Services

Now, it does not matter where you are, our open source software experts can assist you securely, remotely, efficiently and cost effectively, while you get to learn how to do it yourself, should you want to.

It's as easy as 1-2-3

  1. Let our open source software expert securely parachute into your system;
  2. Diagnose the problem;
  3. Work with you to resolve the problem
Download Linux Box Support Kit Client v. 1.0

Screen Shots

Get Ready
  • Download the Support kit client
  • Call (toll free)(877) 546-8929
  • The Linux Box support coordinator will assign you a User Id and password over the phone
  • You enter the user id and password into the self installing client while you're on the phone with us.

We're Set
  • Our expert will "tunnel back" to your system to troubleshoot it in
    • an encrypted
    • secure and
    • auditable fashion.
  • The client is in total control, being able to disconnect at any moment
  • The session will be automatically disconnected one our expert leaves the system
  • the client does not need to maintain software on their system — a current version will always be avaialble for download
  • no need to maintain user ID's and passwords - we'll always generate a new one upon contact.

  • The expert will be able to do practically the same tasks they would be able to do had they been at your physical site, yet they are still in our Ann Arbor office.
  • Our kit will generate a log tracking activity
  • Our kit will generate an audit train (-tail) of the entire session which can be used as a learning tool.
  • The customer gets the problem fixed, watch how we fixed it and keep a record of it as a learning process

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