SISXML: System Inventory Script with XML output

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  • Release 1.0 - Many new checks added (RHEL/Redhat Cluster, /etc/security/*, etc)
  • Release 0.6 - MediaWiki XSLT, more etc files
  • Release 0.5 - Initial release


SISXML is a Perl script for gathering information about the local Linux system. Its aim is to be a general purpose knowledge collector to assist the understanding of specific systems' configurations. It is an ideal starting point for creating a catalog of linux machine information to diagnose problems or compare machines.

Screen Shots


  • XML output
  • XSLT files to transform XML to HTML or MediaWiki output
  • Reads etc, proc, lilo, grub and more
  • Distribution independent but with Debian, Redhat and Suse extras


SISXML runs simple tests and uses basic Linux utilities to gather the information, writing it to an XML file using the Perl XML::Writer module. The XML::Writer module makes the script easy to understand and to modify, while keeping its abilities powerful and flexible. The SISXML tarball also comes with a basic XSLT file, which can be used with an XSLT processor to generate an HTML page from the XML output. Additional XSLT files can be easily created, generating any kind of output you desire.


Adam Gorski


Matt Benjamin
Ziba Scott


SISXML is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL).


Download SISXML 1.0 (44.36 Kb)