A web-based gui front end to the Tsung tool for web traffic generation

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  • Mar 16, 2007 - Initial release


What is Tsung

Tsung is a plugin-based load-testing application, with plugins for generating simulated traffic for several network protocols, including HTTP. Tsung has a recorder you can use to record web traffic from a browser, and it has a player that you can use to play back that web traffic, to simulate large numbers of users accessing your website simultaneously. Tsung's recorder implements a conventional HTTP proxy mechanism to collect the traffic. Tsung's playback module correctly handles most kinds of dynamic applications. Using Tsung, you can see how your web application stands up to load, with precise control over the activities being simulated.

What is Sing-Tsung

Sing-Tsung is a web front-end to Tsung. The goal is to make Tsung easy to use, by adding a GUI to the Tsung functionality.


See the Sing-Tsung Manual (pdf, 69.55 Kb).


Tsung homepage


This software is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL).


Copyright (C) 2007 The Linux Box Corporation


Ryan Hughes
Kang Zhao
Brook Davis


  1. Untar the file into a web-accessible directory.

  2. Read the README.txt for further instructions (basically, editing the config files and doing make install).


sing-tsung.tar.gz (14.89 Mb)