Technical Services

System Administration

  • Identify what is running on customer's system using SISXML — our open source, inventory collection software
  • For customers just getting started
    • Assess hardware requirements and recommend appropriate hardware
    • Assist in aquisition and installation of hardware
    • Select appropriate Linux Distribution & Open Source software tools
    • Install software
    • Configure parameters
    • Document
  • Recomend best practices for a production environment including, as needed:
    • High availability (Fail over)
    • Backups
    • Contingency Plans
    • Disaster Recovery
  • Monitor
  • Tune and optimize performance
  • Monitor performance and capacity growth
  • Adjust
  • Recommend changes as needed


  • Customers may report issues and track progress against them using our help-desk system, by phone or e-mail
  • Service is available on site or via secure remote access
  • We' listen as you identify symptoms
  • We'll discuss possible causes
  • We'll propose permanent solutions or workarounds depending on the severity of the situation, scope of the problem and its impact on users
  • We'll work with you to implement the recommendations and document all the actions we took
  • We'll follow up to make sure that all the systems are running as expected

Network Administration

  • Monitor system performance in the network
  • Analyze behavior in the aggregate network
  • Recommend adjustments if needed