Tiff2pcl Improved

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This is a slightly modified version of the tiff2pcl utility by Alberto

Features Added:

  • Slightly improved layout
  • Support resolutions above 300dpi — not through new code, but by omitting to prevent proper functioning in these cases, and falling back to computed resolution of the input if all else fails
  • Support for conversion of multi-page TIFF files

What is tiff2pcl-compatps?

Tiff2pcl-compatps takes (most of) the same arguments as the tiff2ps program
from Sam Leffler's libtiff package. We typically invoke that as

tiff2ps -2 -a some.tif -O some.ps

Unlike tiff2pcl, tiff2pcl-compatps can only convert one TIFF document at a time.

Note on License

We grant to all, all the rights granted to us by the original author and his
employer, under the same license. (These rights clearly include the right to
make arbitrary changes to the code, and to redistribute the code in source or
binary form.)