Apache + Tomcat + J2EE Application Server for Database Applications

About This Course

Web application development is an area where Linux provides great flexibility, with many development frameworks and toolsets available. Java frameworks, in partivular are numerous and diverse, and of course require a significant investment in preparation to exploit fully. In this seminar we provide an overview of the Tomcat application server and guidelines on deploying it in combination with Apache, J2EE and JDBC-compliant relational databases, on the Linux platform.

Who Should Attend

    • Applications developers
    • Web developers
    • Senior Web administrators

Learning Objectives

    • Develop familiarity with application development frameworks and toold Java developers use to develop web applications
    • Understand the process required to integrate these tools to build applications
    • Developfamiliarity with Linux as a web application development and deployment platform


    • Web administration
    • Application coding experience
    • Linux OS Fundamentals

Course Duration

Two (2) days, 9 am - 5 pm

Course Dates

This course is offered based on demand. Check the calendar for updates. Call (734) 761-4689 to schedule a class. Course will be held with a minimum of four (4) students. For the optimal class experience, class size should not exceed eight (8) students.

Course Price

$1,250 per person (10% discount for non-profit organizations and governmental or educational institutions)

Course Instructors

Sample Course Outline - all sectionss include hands-on labs

    1. Introduction
    2. Quick Start
      • MySQL RDBMS installation and basic operation
      • Java & JDBC review including java servlets, JSP concepts, JSP API'scompilation and deployment conventions
      • Tomcat, installation, setup, deployment configuration, Apache connector setup,
    3. Eclipse operations
    4. Servlets
      • Characteristics, key resources, usage patterns,
    5. JSP
      • characeristics
      • JSTL
      • Sample of JSP
      • Usage Patterns
      • Taglibs, jstl & Struts
    6. Lifecycles / live deployment
      • Web application life cycle
      • Servlet Lifecycle
      • JSP Lifecycle
      • Tomcat admin UI
    7. Package Tracker
      • Maintenance
      • JNDI resources and connection pooling
    8. Logging
      • Simple
      • Advanced
    9. Server side debugging
      • Server setup for remote debugging
      • Servlet Debugging
      • JSP Intermediate format
      • Coercion of Eclipse environment
    10. Acces Control
      • Container-managed security
      • Application managed security using an authentication filter
      • Tomcat valves
      • Tomcat external authentication
    11. Tomcat SSL
      • Overview
      • Setup
    12. Struts
      • Overview
      • Components
      • Advanced struts: dynamic forms, actionError, ActionMessage
    13. J2EE topics
      • Collections framework
      • Domain naming service basics
      • Lightweight Directory Access Protocol basics
      • Java Naming and Directory interface
      • HTML Primer
      • HTML Forms
      • Servlets
      • Java Server pages
      • Web Archives