Jobby: A Time Tracking System

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  • Release 1.1.1 - Various bug fixes and improvements based on the feedback from Jobby users. This includes a fix to the SQL table creation script, so please make the appropriate changes.
  • Release 1.1 - Jobby is now available. This version works with SQL-Ledger 2.4.x as well as SQL-Ledger 2.2.x. It also integrates with dotProject release 1.0.2.


Jobby is an Open Source, web-based time tracking tool and more. It allows companies who bill for their time to capture details about how that time is spent and report on productivity and efficiency.


  • Jobby is closely integrated with SQL-Ledger's existing customers, vendors and services.
  • Jobby is capable of tracking time against custom tasks and projects, as well as tasks tracked in dotProject release 1.0.2 (optional).
  • Jobby provides quick lookups of company, vendor and sales order information, circumventing the need for non-accounting staff to use SQL-Ledger for these tasks.
  • Jobby has many simple but very useful features, for example integration with for directions and maps to customer and vendor sites.
  • Jobby documentation is built into the system


  • Phase 1 - Completed and released. In this release, Jobby only reads data from SQL-Ledger.
  • Phase 2 - The Jobby roadmap calls for automatic transfer of hours from Jobby into SQL-Ledger invoices.


Jobby is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL).