Simple Python DVD Backup Tools

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  • Initial Release


A simple PyQT interface for automating creation of multi-disc DVD backups. The program's primary behavior is to split up arbitrary directory trees into chunks suitable for burning onto DVD rom media, and it automates operation of the dvd+rw-tools package.

Filesplit repeatably splits very large trees into chunks of arbitrary size. It's a script, so it's easy to customize. For example, the code has logic to handle Netatalk .AppleDouble folders, which it ensures will always be on the same volume as associated files. Other tweaks to the algorithm are easy to do.


  • Easy
  • Reliably splits very large trees of files
  • Not too inefficient
  • Customizable splitting algorithm


  • In daily operation at 1 site.


  • Annoying dial control
  • Requires scratch space equal to smallest filesystem slice, before compression
  • Doesn't really have a name


python-dvd-backup is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL).