Multi-line RBL rejection notices

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The rbl-multi-milter sendmail milter is a configurable sendmail plugin that both contacts a list of RBLs (Realtime Blackhole List) and maintains an internal white/black list in a configuration file. When users are rejected the milter can send a different multiline error response for each configured RBL.

rbl-multi-milter does not rely on sendmail 8.13's milter api support for multi-line replies and therefore works with 8.12 as well.


More information on sendmail milters

This milter is based on Jeremy Beker's rbl-milter 0.30. It has been created with the primary motivation of returning multiple line error messages to spamming clients.

Significant changes made are as follows:
  • RBL'd messages are rejected, not marked then accepted.
  • Multiple line error messages can be returned.
  • RBLs and a rejection message are stored in a conf file.
  • White and black lists are stored in the conf file.


Jeremy Beker
Ziba Scott


Copyright (C) 2004 The Linux Box Corp.


rbl-multi-milter is released under the GNU General Public License (GPL).